Last updated: 24 September 2021

High current features

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Current batteries on the market, which are now becomming available for the community to repurpose, are having higher capacities and different form factors. On top of that the mix of chemistries is increasing which also changes the way those batteries need to be charged. Before 2020 the majority of the harvested cells were either pouch or 18650 cell types. Now prismatic cells, 20700, 26550, 32650 etc. which all carry a higher capacity up to 7 ~ 10 Ah. Charging a 7 Ah cell with just 1 amp is taking a lot of time and also provides no representation to the actual state and health of the battery.

Therefore a new charger is developed that is able to provide hight charge and discharge currents with the support of the different chemistries and sizes.  

The Energy Cells Charger is a modular design, which means that the controle unit is separated from the battery holder. This allows for easy replacement of the battery holder to support the different battery sizes. Each battery holder also includes an identification chip which shall be used to restrict current as an 18650 cell (in general) shall use 1amp to charge whereas a 20700 (in general) requires 2amps. Those limits are there to protect the user, whereas those saveguards can be overriden to allow higher currents to be used.