Last updated: 23 Sep 2021

New design features

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Feature overview

The needs of community are the basis for determining requirements. The community needs, expectations, constraints, interfaces, operational concepts, and product concepts are analyzed, harmonized, refined, and elaborated for translation into a set of requirements. The following are the business and functional requirements that were established for the Energy Cells Charger.

• Discharge current per cell configureable
• Charge current per cell configureable
• Support different chemistries
• Charger supports OTA
• Chargers web interface update through cloud services
• Charger supports multicast cell data
• Charger supports MQTT communication
• Charger is based on an ESP32 platform
• Charge current support minimum 2 amp (objective 4~5amp)
• Discharge current support minmum 2 amp (objective 4~5amp)
• Supports WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
• Captive portal for WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
• WiFi protected setup (WPS) support
• USB interface for DOA recovery and serial debug ouput
• Charge shall support 16 channels
• Charger controller logic separated from the cell terminals (2 separate modules)
• Compatible with MegaCellMonitor API Specifications
• OLED display with 240x240 resolution and multicolor
• Jog dial for menu navigation
• Capable of running and standalone
• Input power 12V or higher (objective 24V)
• CE and US certification
• Ambient temperature measurement
• Individual cell temperature measurement
• MCU temperature measurement
• CCCV charging
• ESR 4 wire based (Kelvin)
• Cell holders for different cell sizes